Handmade BONSAI Dish

As a pro woodworker,  Out of the Woods Bandon Or.  For 10 years I acquired an eye for quality finishing and design .   Matching the right size display dish to your tree is critical.

This first set of pictures shows a walnut base with natural edge and a 5 year old Costal Redwood .  This tree has been.smallest of all my redwoods, this is the most dirt it has ever been in


My second handmade bonsai dish is made from a solid block of MahogaNyand displays a 5 year old trident maple grouping.  The trees are all one root system.


Obviously there is still work to do on dirt levels and moss but I wanted to show these off.

Redwood Bonsai

Love the concept of Bonsai Redwood.  Take one of the biggest growing items in the world, and keep it small.

We will be showing some of our REDWOODS  being up to 15 years in our care.  The first ones we bought as seedlings in Northern California.  The latter ones have all been cuttings from those.  We do have pictures going back to the start for these trees.


The above 3 photos show one of the 15 year old REDWOODS .  Note the 1890’s Horseshoe, from Nothern San Jocquain valley..  Intentionally I leave as many starts as I can for three  main reasons 1.  New starts. 2.  Root ball development.  3. If the tree dies we will be left with very highly figured BURLi

While this tree is coming along nicely. It still has many years to go before it becomes the world class specimen that it will become.q

It is funny how time goes. Don’t blink or you will miss it.

I have finally gotten the Bonsai Area up and functional. Still more to do but that will come as I use the area.. But it looks like everything will fit in this area.

Trees are looking good for the most part. We lost a couple of established trees over the winter. The last big freeze we had took its toll on the evergreens, dis coloring needles. But nothing we can’t fix.

On a positive side I have slowly started taking cuttings for propagation. I plan to do a lot of this since I now have a great area to plant them.

Ken’s Bonsai

Following shows a few of the Bonsai’s that we have been working on.  More details to come.
















These last two show the same tree before and after potting up.  Every 2-4 years we remove the tree from the pot, clean and trim the roots, then repot with fresh soil.  The redwood shown here was started from a cutting and I have been working on it since 2004.  Note the multiple stems.  This is one of my favorites.

Autumn Flame

We purchased this tree at the Rotary Tree Sale in Sherwood, back in 2007.

This tree is from the Rotary tree sale in Sherwood Oregon (usually around April 15 each year.
I have been working on this Autumn Flame since 2007. When we first got it I did major trimming to the top bringing down from about 8 feet tall to about 5 feet. We also did some cleaning on the roots and made our first pass at cutting the roots to size. Two years ago it was brought down to the size you see about 3.5-4 feet tall. In the future the tree still needs to lose some of it’s height and planted into a quality ceramic pot.