This is one of the most unique display pieces you will ever see.  The reason being you have to have the finished vision while running a chain saw to make the cut.

This free-form, natural edged, MAPLE CLUSTER BURL  was cut by me in 1985-87.  I did not know what it was going to be used for but I knew it was worthy.

In fact so worthy that I finished both sides.  When we cut this piece it was fresh and still covered with bark.  The only way to get the bark off of this piece without damaging the surface was to age it in the wood pile outside.  After 2-3 years outside most of the Green moisture is gone from the piece and all off the bark peeled off easily.

img_2067Note the great natural detail and texture.  without a doubt a piece I know I won’t replace any time soon.

img_2060this shows the display with a 9x6x3 inch Japanese  pot from the mid  90’s and  with a Redwood bonsai about 24 inches tall.




Air Layered Acer


The acer in the bottom picture was air layered last year off of the mother tree in the upper picture.

We are now Air layering both mother tree and daughter.


update   12/24/16 this past fall we successfully got another tree off of the top tree.

The one off of the daughter tree is still touch and go,  not seeing many starts for buds but time will tell.

19 years and Counting

It hardly seems possible but it’s been 19 years since I bought my by first trees.  I still have most of those Coastal Redwoods. I wish I had started Bonsai much earlier in Life because I know I have gotten much more out of my Trees than I have given them.

It takes dirt under your finger nails to get it.  Just like life no tree is ever finished.  As  it grows it changes.  While we can direct and form some of those changes ,we can only receive  what the tree is willing to give us. You have to handle each tree on its own.

Besides loving Bonsai I am also a professional Woodworker.  As such I  continue to work with my Bonsai trees even after they have died.  Most of my oldest trees have been grown with that in mind. We have finally started making Bonsai display pieces, we want these to blend with the tree they are displaying.

Living in the Pacific Northwest we are blessed with a great outdoors close by.  I can be on Mt Hood or at the coast in 45-75 minutes.  These areas come into play in that they let me  gather stones, small driftwood, anything I can use in my BONSAI anBURL display, and go fishing.