This beauty has been a long time in favorite that I finally finished.

I was cutting slabs back in 1985 when I ran across this piece.  I knew it was special but had no Idea of its end use.

After i saved this from the cutting pile I Threw it out in the wood pile to age.

When working with green wood the best way to get the bark off is to age it outside.  By doing this and being  patient the piece will let you know all the green is gone when the bark completely peels off.

Notice the untouched surface the head off the piece.  Around the outer edges we rounded all the points for looks and safety.

The tree is in a Japanese pot we got in the mid 1990’s .  This beautiful tree is being grown in less dirt than ever, the rocks are big. Tree is still in training.

DISPLAY STAND IS AVAILABLE FOR $325.00 plus delivery depending on location.

I’m already having sellers regret