I ended up doing 4 prototype Bonsai displays in all.  Only two of the four where used outside and had minimal care.  Prototypes one and two  where made by picking up the nearest thick piece of wood and cutting it with the bandsaw  three and four had a lot more care and selection in the pieces to be used.



Compared to the last photos the pots discolored due to weather and minimal care.  The inside edge next to dirt worked very well, i coated the wood with Epoxy Resin to seal it. Plastic bottoms worked as desired.  Also I secured feet or stands to each pot.


After spending about an hour on each pot I got everything cleaned,  sanded, filled and finished.  Any wood vessels left in the Pacific Northwest elements are going to require minimal care to keep it lasting  a long time and “LOOKING GOOD”

The pot on the left is mahogany and the bottom right one is Walnut with natural edge.





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