3 Big Ones- Coastal Redwoods



When I first started working with trees my initial thought was we would take Costal Redwood starts and grow the trees as small as possible.  Tree 3 shows this, this tree is 18 years old and has always been grown in very little soil. The pot is 15 years old, made in Japan.

Dimensions Pot  3.5 / 9 /12
from soil to top about 24 inches

This tree is the first Redwood I have grown that has developed seed cones 2 years ago.  I harvested a couple of seeds but left most on the tree.


While I haven’t tried to start from seed yet I’m looking forward to that.

The top needs work for sure, I just haven’t decided what is next.  Probably top it then lightning strike the top.


Has been grown in the same style .  This tree is 9 years old .

The oval pot is 9 years old made in Japan.

Dimensions Pot 3 / 7 / 9
from soil to top 24″

Seeds developed last year.  Must be doing something right.



Tree 1 is the youngest of the lot.  It was started 8 years ago.  Planted in a 10 gallon pot to allow it to gain some size.

The pot is 15 years old made in Japan.

Dimensions Pot 2.5 / 11 / 15
from soil to top 24 ”

When we moved, this tree got stuck in the back and grew very well .  In fact it got up to about six feet.  In the Summer of  2014 the heat killed it back , at that time there where only the two main stems.  Two more have started since it was cut down.

All of the wood that came off the tree  is shown in the top photo.


next on the top I’ll drill down through the bare spot and “Naturalize” it.


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